navajo cheese

you can just tear off a piece
trish leans in to say
from her seat next to me
about the frybread
at the breakfast table
grandfather (shi che) at the head and
grandmother (shi mahsahnah) across from us
just before they sample the
sandhill sauerkraut
(the me inside me jumping
around with excitement saying
i grew that cabbage!
trish fermented it!
we made that!)
with blackened gloves
i carry coal hunks
shining and dense
(sun’s energy condensed)
from bin to building_______
one time we took the train
to mexico city
keith says
first class
there were people with their goats
and he laughs and i laugh and he laughs and i laugh
(how our not-quite-howls
feed the other’s)

trish and i flanking
shi mahsahnah at her
stove-side perch while we
the carding of wool
and the laughter that carries across language
at our many efforts

they’re all for you i joke
about the half-plate of
peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
trish and i made


navajo cheese keith jokes
peeling off a slice of
orange american from the stack
the table of us laughing and
grandmother repeats
navajo cheese


the moment sun drops
between cloud and horizon
arizona big sky
dipped in gold
blue/gray storm brewing
to the south


i can see your glittering
rhinestoneish self shining
from here and
it is glorious


gratitude for the perfect warmth
wool cashmere
last minute


on the floor after dusk
mucho macho and barbara
8-minute abbing
en español
we take turns counting off
in our best monster truck
(sunday sunday sunday!)
radio commercial voice


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