black mesa-bound

dear readers, comrades, friends, lovers, humans…

i am headed to do support work through black mesa indigenous support at black mesa, arizona.
by support, i mean mostly herding sheep, chopping wood, cooking food, etc, to support the eldest of dineh elders while they resist forced relocations and ravaging of their homes/land/sacred places by peabody coal.

here’s a related article about it that was recently sent my way. and here is an old but still relevant film (though it is long, even just the first 10 minutes are worthwhile and informative).

i will be off the grid until december 25thish or so, but will be with  you in sun and spirit.




One Reply to “black mesa-bound”

  1. Missing you and your details. It’s crazy times. Is it always crazy times? Anyway I trust you are out tending livestock and moving dirt, supporting the everyday work of decolonization. Without your usual entries, so I am imagining what details you would be writing about. Maybe the chopping of vegetables or chopping of wood. Perhaps you’ve heard news despite being off the grid and you take a moment to acknowledge the heartwrench of it. You hear some words that someone said, and you repeat their poetry. It is some beautiful moment somewhere with somebodies. Knowing this is your practice is grounding for me today, an oyster knife day.

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