rising into

michael through his kind/mischevious smile
makes a comparison:
the heartbreak of foster care parents
when the birth family had restored itself
i’m not going to get attached he said the foster parents would say
and he’d respond by saying, no – you will
and that’s exactly what they need
i’m curious about courage
i tell mara
mug of passion tea steaming
in my lap
and she responds by explaining
the bravery it takes
to stay open
to what the world offers
most courageous people don’t even know they are
she says
it’s kindof quill-like
regina says of the metallic feather tattoo (gold)
after applying it next to her hip
and when the shuttle appears
i joke about squatting her porch
for better pirated internet
we pause on the
sometimes muddy slide trail
(juniper and lichen-lined)
for an exploration/explanation
of vesicular basalt
rising into she says
instead of falling
at the edge of the green rolling water
of the rio grande
rendering into recognition
the power of letting go
of the things we love
image of maude
tossing harold’s ring
into the cresting/crashing pacific
rock perched
where the currents’ cold
meets our hands/faces
where the rio pueblo
joins the rio grande
clouds feathering over us
small at the base of the
rock-walled canyon
su corazaon
es muy muy fuerte i say
y su cuerpo
es de la tierra

IMG_6030 IMG_6045 IMG_6028 IMG_6025 IMG_6022


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