birthplace of stars

clinking our bubbly water/mimosa glasses together
glimmer of candles on piano and
silver strung across tree
glaze of almost-tears in mara’s eyes
alexander running around
with a palm-full of biscochitos
attempting to scare us from
behind the door
new addition to gorge bridge: emergency call boxes
silver and stout
passer-bys joking about
the need to press the button
laura appears
on the trail
in her felted hat
just past sundown
one last small town run-in
hey hey we’re the monkees
we singshout
doing the monkees dance
over the west rim trail
pointing out
the slight star glimmer
in the lower half
of taurus (looks like a greater-than sign)
liana explains
a birthplace of stars
prefaced by
the story of how scorpio and orion
wouldn’t stop fighting
so they were cast into the sky
kept at an eternal distance
so that neither are visible at the same time
(when one rises, the other disappears)
did you know taos is a
dark skies city she says
as the parking lot lamp
flickers on (bluewhite light)
silver and gold feathers
temporary tattoos
pressed onto necks
and wrists
all these little goodbyes, practice
i say for the looming departure
though i’m not sure practice will help

IMG_5939 IMG_5954 IMG_5966 IMG_5974 IMG_5999


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