we can’t breathe

sometimes it takes a while
for news to travel (to me)
in this case, the news
of eric garner’s murderer
(eric garner: black man murdered
in a chokehold by a white cop
for selling unabled single cigarettes)
by this time the phrase i can’t breathe
(garner’s last words) gone viral
and we can’t (breathe) that is
choking on the thick arms
of injustice wrapped
around our necks
telling us
racism doesn’t exist


forkfuls of tyler’s kimchee
red with spice and
and made of cabbage i

natacha perched
in patch of sun with me
while we wish
each other magic
and wonder
on our way

and the warmth my face carries
long after
i walk away from under
the great orb of light


the amount of time it takes
for me to notice the sheet of
metallic gold/silver feather temporary tattoos
on regina’s entrance table
after entering her casita:
less than a minute


royal green ottoman as divinatory table
regina on one side
me on the other
while we lay out cards
and decipher feathers from bones
season by season
month by month
a prayer for the poor
i read off the back of the
st. lazarus candle
accidentally extinguishing the flame
with an inadvertant tilting

thick wool sweater with pencil skirt and purple tights
(fundraiser gala drag)
laughing curled in sophisticated green chair


liana explains the three
categories of big birds
on the polyester dress
none of which i remember
though i can recall
something about
the fringed feathers on wingtips
some songs are trouble
good trouble
take me to church

from the oil world:

Israel has experienced one of its worst environmental disasters after a ruptured oil pipeline sent millions of gallons of crude gushing into a key nature preserve. The spill heavily damaged the Evrona reserve near the Jordanian border. More than 80 people in Jordan were hospitalized with breathing problems. – democracy now

Millions of liters of crude oil gush out of a pipeline and flood 200 acres of the desert nature reserve in south Israel, near the village of Beer Ora, north of Eilat. – voice of america, day in photos

In Nigeria, the Niger Delta has suffered one of its worst oil spills in years after nearly 4,000 barrels of crude poured from a Shell pipeline. Shell has blamed the spill on oil thieves. Environmentalists say the devastation stretches for miles with dead fish and crabs washing up on the shoreline. –  democracy now





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