whatever’s golden

the jet family on the
other end of the phone while i
finish breakfast
(1-egg omelette in
corn tortilla with sauteed:
red pepper, mushroom, onion, garlic, kale
plus kimchee and sunflower sprouts
added on top)
as hazy sun begins
its travel across the
kitchenette floor
probably tangled in tree tresses i say
these limbs and what they wish for
you’ve got to let your heart steer you
michael says while our tea steams
and the mountain reveals itself
framed by picture window
so when (how soon) are you coming back
my response: they’re kindof family now
how the sky-haze highlights
whatever’s golden
between here and horizon
that one i say nodding into the distance
to the smooth snow-covered curves
rising from earth
knowing someone told me the name once
with a pointing finger
regina and i approaching/receding
the mountain
while we discuss our
of driving in the snow
trust your beautiful heart i write
to jl on the west coast
fight for what feels good/
what you want
and know when (if the time arrives)
it’s time to give up the struggle
i confess/warn gratuitousness
regarding self-assigned homework
and say si to la fiesta de unisuit
pero no tengo unisuit
and ask for help with this problem
sending swirls of heat
on this crispcool eve
a kindest kiss sent
in return, forehead bound


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