mountain-to-mountain testimony

whomp whomp whomp of
heavy rug tossing in the
washer on spin cycle
encountering violeta in the laundry room
her finishing a note to me
about how i have a lot of mail
in the box and me
walking in with an armful of envelopes
the light in her eyes
as we laugh
unnamed phenomena: the sensation of
receiving a cut-up poem thing
from a letter you typed
and sent to the east coast
your language arranged in ways
you wouldn’t
a new understanding
of the possibility
of voice
of self
of duality
via someone else’s arrangements
in other words: collaboration magic
a looping scrawl
s’s are hooks one could
hang a hat or jacket on
from mountain to mountain
a testimony of survival
typewritten tales
of midwestern journies
postmarked missouri
from tiger toes to lone wolf
swirl of dried ocean-edge grass
sent from the tip of the continent
i hold the mini-nest to my nose
and inhale, smelling something tea-like
and a seascape in watercolor


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