and me my bear claw

under shine of sun
in gravel parking lot
muddy cat prints walking down
windshield from roof to hood


i’ve decided it’s my treat
sheryl says sitting
across the fern table-cloth
while she awaits her bread pudding
and me my bear claw


sometimes the man with the cows and alfalfa
(our neighbor) will call us
when he has extra water
to see if we want it
and then he’ll send it down the ditch
tania says in the field
pointing out the acequia

she shows us the sandbags
in front of the pvc pipe
used to block the flow
when one field has had enough

three-to-twenty she answers
when i ask how many show up
for the acequia community weekly meeting
which starts at 7pm
but if you are there at 6:59 or 7:01
you’re too late


i leave a small bag of
sandhill popcorn
on the weathered kitchen table
and on our way out
tania hands us each
a plastic bag
packed with dirt-covered carrots(either too small
or too broken
to sell)

smell of earth and root


where the dirt road
turns to pavement she
asks me the length
of my longest relationship
and somewhere in there
i mention gratitude
and mediocrity_______

peach/rose painted water tank
rising up out of
into  skyblanket of blue



(foreground: irrigation ditch
background: taos mountain)