to the borderlands

today’s blessing
sun so warm
that when perched in a protected
patch of it
i can unzip and remove
the ancient fleece
i ask trish if we need to pack
la camiseta blanca
and she says
barb and mucho macho
have got whole new outfits
for this adventure
a report of paperbark trees
from a so-cal highway
and a request sent in response
to kiss the ocean for me
a little slip in my step
across the field of old snow
(some turned to mud)
and dying alfalfa
over a bowl of buttered
sandhill popcorn
leon and i work out the lyrics
to the borderlands/river song
(how to communicate
the ache of the cold of a desert night
on top of the chill that comes from
day-long sun
plus the parching
and the thread of a land that supports life
only if one knows how to navigate it
or can afford the time it takes to adapt)
puppet show mica tells me
featuring hank (a dog played by a gorilla?)
and ashby (a cat played by a little lion)
in spanish
titled el inspector salud
these kids are not hard chane says yet
i’ve worked with so many inner city
immigrant youth who are so angry
and so hard