we agree on the softness of snow

if you are not warm enough to
go running through i address
morning high desert air
somewhere in the teens
i will open the window
and let you run through me
after six years daniela and i
in the same space/time
(in yet another mountain state)
we cheek-kiss hello
a sweetness to this reunioning
the crinkling of the maroon and gold
bag of mozart chocolates
daniel hands me
brought thoughtfully from vienna
taking the curves
snow-covered mountain trees on either side
the road follows a creek
tumbling with snowmelt
i imagine a cold so undiluted
it would only take 10 seconds of contact
before injecting one’s bones with ache
you can keep it daniela says
of the kindly gifted blue-covered
animal sounds, songs, and stories chapbook
then you don’t have to read it all here
debo’s enthusiasm for skiing
(childlike eager excitement)
combined with how well she knows
these mountain runs and
the ins and outs of snowmaking
is so contagious it makes me wonder
what in my life i have that zesty energy
for (and expertise of)
offering my arm
to hook her red-sleeved arm around
as we ice-and-snow-step
at the top of the stairs
sometimes the fear of falling
i say from the back seat
is worse than the actual fall
and we agree on the softness of snow
after several attempts at
chiming in i toss the scallop-edged napkin
up into the air and over my shoulder
thus begins the joke about
whose got the talking napkin
(similar to a talking stick,
but a napkin)
i’ve got a factoid i announce
(another version of the talking napkin)
during the walmart back-and-forth
and share: the 6 heirs
to the walmart fortune
make as much as the lower
79% of black families in the u.s.
norteño night so cold
it must be made of blades
(sharpened by those diamond stars)
happy dance of disbelief i call it
at the news of keystone pipeline
not going through the senate
(by one vote)


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