glittering down

i’ve got my ear to the newswire
and my heart to the streets
(and all the rest of me is hoping
to conjure justice)
i write regarding the possible
reaching of a verdict
by the ferguson grand jury
snowmelt dripping from branches
falling in clumps from
fences and electrical wires
glittering down from brown
still-hanging-on leaves
in a light dust
rip off i declare outloud to myself
walking alongside the snowmelt
about the $15 pairs of crappy used boots
that i refuse to buy
it’s because of that hat i say
when laura and i run into each other at the grocery store
the hat is how i realize it wasn’t the old rainforest dwelling days
(though it could have been this too)
but a free tea party hangout/exchange
not so many saturdays ago
supposed to get down
to nine degrees tonight
i tell everybody
hence the roasted things
(butternut squash, onion, apple, potato, garlic)
blended with broth
and striped with chard
report from the edge of the continent:
so quiet here
an exchange of trail names/forest names/field names/given names reveals:
floating stone
deep breath
hot box
c anenome
crazy coyote
liana the piranha


from the water world:
A man stops in front of a Coffee Shop along a flooded street after heavy rains hit northern Italy for the last few days in Omegna, Italy. – voice of america, day in photos