growling across

a red shafted flicker
defies gravity
yet again
(feet grappling adobe exterior
just outside desk window
long enough for me to study
the brushes of red
over its forehead
across its cheeks)
mara brings me a tall cold glass
of bubbly water with a lime wedge
floating on top
while i prop my feet on her ottoman
pirating her kindly offered internet
while the sky in the windows behind me
remains mostly gray
broken by an occasional burst of light
just like home i say
when liana excuses sweatscent
after our hug goodbye
badass i say
when liana says roller derby and yes
when i ask if she’s the one
that wears the star on her helmet
what’s that person (helmet star) called
i ask jammer she replies
november desert thunder
growling across
night rain sky
sounds like hard work… emotional, real, honest work
writes herman@ from the edge of the continent
yeah, heart work i write back