swirls of grass
and surfaces of leaves
layered and flecked
with frost
glistening where early sun hits
looking like a petrified dum-dum/lollipop
green and swirled
marble found in alfalfa field
on post-run cooldown walk
carried home in my palm
sounds like a jazz club up in here
regina says approaching my door
while i pretend-dance with my hands up
to sam and dave
somebody jumped this weekend regina says
in the light of late morning sun that moves in
through kitchen window
referring to the rio grande gorge bridge
later i think about forms of self determination
and the brittany maynard mentioned on public radio
with an aggressive form of brain cancer
an advocate for assisted suicide
who fought for legislation
around people’s right
to choose the shape/path/timeline their lives take
and how she moved to oregon
so she could die
when she chose
(an act of sparing)
in the arms of people she loves
in her bedroom
a day of dead moths
one with mottled wings on my doorstep
one falling in halves
from a piece of paper i unfold
an email from a university press
uses the words strong semi-finalist
(out of 800 submissions, of which two were selected for publication)
to refer to my manuscript
another whisper that says
keep doing what you do
bowl of sandhill popcorn
at my knee
while the second half of the capitalism is the crisis documentary
and at one point reveals this statistic:
in 1932 (the great depression) the unemployment rate
in the u.s. was 25%
in 2011, it was 22%