rising against

on my walk into town
i look up to take in taos mountain
and gasp at last nights
white lace laid over patches
of piƱon and juniper
touching sheet of bright blue sky
and the vapor of my breath
rising against it
something about this strut
the rhythm of steps
swing of my arms
heading north up paseo del pueblo
feels like a channeling
of corinne’s saunter
the postal clerk
calls me darling (or sweetie)
like a server at a diner
just before i push myself through the door
with a smile on my face
(both because of her endearing terms
and because of how she knows the other customers by name
talks to them like a neighbor coming up the drive)
the complimentary (just for stopping in)
lemon bars at the mabel dodge house
sweet powdery and teeth-sinkable
arranged on white plate just around the corner
from the urn of hot water and array of tea bags
sweet powdery and teeth-sinkable
click of my boot heels in
afternoon sun
so bright it cuts through clear-cold mountain air
on the rough pebbled texture
of a street i’ve never been down before
music and hammering to my left
teeth-sinkable moment part deux:
bear claw from bear claw bakery
tucked in white paper bag
balance of sugar crunch and slightly salty pastry
when i’m here natacha says
leaning up against her bike in the office drive
i miss my man
and i miss my sister
when i’m there
package with a bat and bumblebee sticker
postmarked portland
how i hug it home
where i unveil its contents
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(and what it means for someone to remember these things… the celebration of light, the mt. hood ascension, the coast crew altar-building)