this is what 39 looks like


IMG_5311 IMG_5315   IMG_5325 IMG_5329 IMG_5332 IMG_5336


IMG_5337 IMG_5346 IMG_5347 IMG_5353 IMG_5355 IMG_5361 IMG_5368 IMG_5390

images missing:

a million various singings/versions
of the birthday song
some of which i sing along to myself
(happy birthday to me)

the neverending
screamy loud tooters joke
which becomes the trail name
that the group of us adopt


sistermoon rising up over the ridge
to hang with us
on our way down the trail


misosuri leaves, marigolds and zinnias
bursting from a mail-fetched box

birthday cake [mara’s chocolate caramel cheesecake] candle glow
illuminating brilliant spirits and their brilliant faces
gathered around the birthday feast table


3 Replies to “this is what 39 looks like”

  1. ¡Te agradezco a ti! Admittedly, these photographs have inspired for recollections of ramblings in (an admittedly different, climate- and species-wise) a wood near my MeeMaw’s home. It would be great to find a non-urban location to ramble, even if on established walking trails.

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