eat your words

sun on the soles of my bare feet
as patches of refracted light
(in rainbow form)
rotate across casita walls
something akin to being inside a snowglobe
crisp crunch of sun-gleaming leaves
encountering tree trunks
adobe walls
other leaves
on their swirl from sky down
(a swell of gratitude
to mama nature
for tossing this gilded confetti
in celebration of her scorpio creatures)
there’s much to learn from those who’ve studied
the great silent places
the person on the radio says while
discussing the sounds of denali alaska
that’s still one of the best weekends of my life
shiz and i laugh recounting the
gluten tag morning
(me clutching gigantic pastry
in the fancyland kitchen
after an all-out  
queers in the woods
with paper and pens
you eat your words someone at the table says
about tom (but more about his australian accent)
while someone else says natacha spits her words out
(french accent)
though it’s not quite like spitting – more of an attentive removal, vowel by vowel


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