shadow shift

several oldies
from a particularly good
thursday morning set:
blue on blue
joe joe (get back)
wake up little susie
sugar oh honey honey
michael, stepping through doorway
holds out/hands me
a brown handled bag
holding a brown takeout box
holding two chocolate croissants
light and shadow shift on kitchen wall
looks like a hand plucking leaves
but when i turn to see
no human is there
following an eclipse update from florida
(solar, 2-3pm mountain time)
i thank sledge
for the double visitation
this particular desert/fall eclipse light
on yellow leaves and the
bark of trunks
and all of that against a sky
whose particular blueness
(same particular blueness jonathan noted
after a day of raking up
what hte wind had pulled down
[future soil])
there’s a point sheryl says
where you have to move forward
rather than trying to accommodate everyone
soup in mid-production in the pot
something about the thick of the dark
(stars surfacing)
walking the 1/8th block down
los panditos
a slow shuffle on the gravel
relishing the velvet of hindered vision
you nurture your creative work
you nurture the land
and activism is a form of caretaking
regina says
connecting the dots from
all those stuffed animals i took care of
to now
wherein i say fred savage
while meaning dan savage
and continue to get mileage
out of this throughout the
new moon night

A golfer hits a tee shot as African migrants sit on a border fence in an attempt to cross into Spanish territories between Morocco and Melilla – bbc, day in photos


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