hitching swiftly

plump gray clouds
in patches
passing over sun
and hitching swiftly east
perched in plastic chair
in the alfalfa patch
a book about rivers open
in my lap
orangeyellow leaves land
on my shoulder
in my hair
graze my cheek and
glance my knee
on their dance down
black ink bleeding
on left hand
naming intersections and
left/right turns
by now, the coppery schwinn 7-speed
should have a name
the goal: to ride down every street on the map
(the map in which swirls of leaves
ridden through
or patches of sun
spilled down on
or the views of mountains
the schwinn and i rotate around
are not indicated)
the sound of an acequia stream
(somewhere between a trickle and a rush)
off the rio fernando
gates lifted
water glinting
messages passed via satellite
from one desert mountain town
to another and back again
a reunion in the either
it’s not the first time
the word nomad
is used in reference to me
but perhaps the first time
the word lovely
has been placed in front of it


from the water world:


 A Christian pilgrim dips in the water at the baptismal site known as Qasr el-Yahud on the banks of the Jordan River, which also acts as a border line near Jordan near the West Bank city of Jericho. – voice of america, day in photos

2 Replies to “hitching swiftly”

  1. tom waits plays
    as I read about
    a lovely nomad

    lovely person
    I tell about
    her beautiful installation
    that lives with me
    as a memory
    but so much more
    want to tell the world
    my world so small
    her world so huge

    how we touch souls
    thank you

    1. VICKY!!!!!!!!

      lovely you. thank you.
      i was just remembering the time/energy it took to pull that show off and how it didn’t feel like work, especially with you, but more like co-conspirating. scheming. commiserating.
      hope you and your art and your brilliant world are all well!

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