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2 Replies to “interior/extorior/land/sky”

  1. Fransciszka, my immediate reaction to the images featured here has been to wonder if it wouldn’t be interesting to construct a text from the labels you’ve pictured in this post. As I take more time to think about it, there’s something about the mid 20th century patina of the labels, the phrasing of words, the style of handwriting, that would make the construction of such a text very challenging to pull off. Perhaps its best to allow the labels to be folded in with other types of images, as you’ve done here.

    1. it would be an amazing project, a chapbook perhaps, of collected labels – but of this style. i like the way you’re thinking.
      i don’t have enough labels for that, but it would be easy enough to crop and print the labels into a little zine!

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