like lattice

like lattice work mara says
when i ask her to help me remember
vigas and latillas
words for the parts of the roof
of helene wurlitzer’s adobe house
that took seven years to build
who is that little creature
with the open mouth i ask
about the small clay figure
with arms/legs circling a vessel
that’s a rain catcher
really popular with the anglos
michael says
which doesn’t phase me in the least
when i lean in close
to that carved face
a shelf of thin german books
covers of fantastic colors/patterns
my finger traces helene’s
handwritten name on the inside cover
i’m always outraged i say
(referencing fracking injection wells, the chilean woman’s account i heard on the radio about how aborting her several-week fetus classified her as criminal, about an ebola vaccine that could be developed but hasn’t been because there’s not enough money in it)
but this rage feels different
this rage is changing (me)
(a kind of being called and
moving towards the voice
before i know what it will ask of me)
tom brings orange/almond chocolate
and uses the prase life-changing when he mentions
the vermont residency and the
trans literature conference in winnipeg
my pulse visible
in the middle of my palm
when i hold it flat, face-up
under the desklight


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