flickering through

11am light
flickering through limbs
while the wind pulls aspen and elm
leaves (gold shavings)
into twists and drifts across alfalfa fields
in a snowglobe swirl
thunder rumbling and
bluegray sky to the northeast
shifting shape
i crack a window
to let sound in
while lightning squiggles down
an introduction between pot shard
and photograph
(both of whose spirits swirl
while their living bodies
have already been given
back to earth)
i never heard a river say
use this body as a border
so begins the first poem
i have written since
grad school scooped the spirit
out of me like a melon baller
so i fill the room with its lines
my voice
a revival
(other things have been written since
but this is the first being-able-to-write-like-i-used-to /
that-part-of-me-was-never-dead moment)
nobody remembers tower 7 leon says
while the six of us spoon
potato leek soup
to our mouths

there’s only one ocean
leon says in a reference
to mission blue
and a quote from oceanographer sylvia earle


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