desert apple

like two people crossing paths
at a coffee shop
melissa and i stand there
and go on
about straightening out a dire
bank situation
about a film
about what art would look like if
everyone who helped in the process
was credited (like in a film)
(dale chihuly draws the designs
and his assistants execute them
andy warhol relied on
his assitants to pull prints

only we aren’t in a coffee shop
or even on a sidewalk
but rather, on a boot-worn path
on the rain-wet rock-littered sand
in the desert expanse of
BLM land
(fondly referred to as
our badlands by liz and debbie)

she hands me a mcintosh apple
out of which i take two bites
and exclaim at the sweet tang

it’s probably not from around here
she says but we both agree
that smooth shiny thing
is good


the way the formations muffle
the highway sound so that when i
step down
i step down into silences


the water
from yesterday’s/this morning’s rain
rushing through
arroyo de los ajuelos
high and quick
the air
with all the wet in it
like the pacific northwest


from the water world:

A Kurdish refugee girl from the Syrian town of Kobani washes clothes in front of their family tent in a camp in the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province. The U.S. military conducted nine airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria during the past two days, including seven strikes near the border town of Kobani.  – voice of america, day in photos


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