sown with sinew

we could be looking
the guest on the radio news says
at a thirty year war
which reminds me of
how another guest on another radio show
about a week ago said
the iraq war never ended
community radio dj supplies the weather report
for tuesday october 7:
suave, suave y suave
mara in a spray of sequins claiming
i’m not the hostess
(mara, baker of the carrot cake in high altitude
mara, setter of the beautiful table and
carrier of the extra chairs
mara of the card-making and
candle lighting)
the wordless poems make their way
around the table passed hand to hand
same with the white raven drawing
and tom cho’s book
and the rock black and gold and quartzy crystaly
coming apart in flecks in our fingers
and the picture of a six year old
in a striped shirt
christy on the rug
legs half criss-crossed
balancing and strumming
the first ever sitar i’ve seen in real life
sound and the way it
fills the space around us
a sound one could sink and lean into
a sound one could travel on
regina and i
pause under moon sky
(bowl of popcorn in my hands
a few bottles of beer in hers)
full and haze-haloed
do you hear that
she asks
strong families jonathan says
make a strong town
leon littlebird shows us the navajo rattle
how it is made of the elements of sustenance
the wood handle used for fire/heat
the stomach of a gamey animal who i’m forgetting
dried around a round rock
dried corn kernels sown in
with sinew

from teh water world:

A car is seen in an upright position following the overnight flash floods due to heavy rains in Grabels near Montpellier, France.– voice of america, day in photos




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