bursts of bright

century link man
steps out of his company truck
walks around the back of it
kneels on one knee, adjusts a branch in the light
to take a picture of the driveway sign
that reads there is still time to do good things
while jonathan in the further distance
trims and piles cottonwood branches
into the work-truck trailer
pedaling (schwinn cruiser) a narrow road
i’ve never taken before
til it gives way to sagebrush flats
which give way to sky and
the mountains ranging
bursts of bright
(plastic flowers, a sea of them,
a technicolor horizon)
found at the cemetery off las cruces road
a hole in the fence i don’t walk through
and the acequia and sage ridge
on the other side
a teenager, kalief browder
who spent three years in rikers
two of those in solitary

without a trial
for being accused of stealing a backpack
he never stole
violette walking across the
tree-shaded almost-sunset yard
waves through my desk window i
wave back
kate’s sage bundle
(which makes it approximately 10 years old)
lit and sending smoke in tufts

from the water world:
potd-walrus_3057822kOver 1500 walruses gather on the northwest coast of Alaska. Pacific walruses looking for places to rest in the absence of sea ice are coming ashore in record numbers, according to NOAA.Picture: AP Photo/NOAA, Corey Accardo


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