running at 7,000 feet
cool air breath visible
strongbody, lungwork
hot chocolate/mint tea combination
steam tendriling out of red mug
regina and i talk about leaning into things
(leaning into the unfolding of work[aka writing]
leaning into the not-quite-scared-uneasy feelings
that night sometimes brings)
having a kid is a beautiful struggle
just being alive is a struggle
a beautiful struggle
we’re blessed to be alive/ here
jonathan says leaning against a pitchfork
work gloves in hand
he tells me the name of the irrigation ditches – acequia
says the pinñon trees are appearing where he lives, changing the sage brush landscape
says the chinese elms which have grown so tall down here have changed the landscape too
talks talks about the 10 year cycles of drought and not drought
manuel at the door with a handwritten invite
to the fellows’ picnic on the green (alfalfa field flanked
by cottonwood and willow)
i’ve never seen a moon so thin i say
from the passenger seat while we
(debbie, liz and i) wind through the high road
ponderosa pine lining the lanes
(hasn’t looked so good this year debbie says
about the pine they’re not as green and we’ve
had plenty of rain)
debbie points out a long and low building
without windows of the penitentes
she points out padernales
georgia o’keefe’s famous
she points out small spanish towns/villages
where many families often still maintain
an old traditional lifestyle
bunches of chiles
hanging to dry from the edges of buildings/rafters
she points out the sangre de cristo range
in one direction and
and the jemez in the other
we stop at an acequia
not far from las trampas chapel
woodcarved out of logs and held up
by a wooden trestle
easily 100 years old
a glimpse of the waterflow
the priest traded/sold 6 kids from the pueblo
to mexico for a bell (to hang in the tower)
debbie tells me pointing to a painting
of the acoma pueblo mission and the red hills
and these are the spirits
rising up from the ground
with a last name like gold
i was bound to be mistaken for a jew
liz says while assembling green chile quesadilla
weekend vocab
some of which is review
some of which is new:
kiva (underground sacred space for rituals built by peublo people)
sipapu (small hole in kiva)
kachina (representations of spirits, corn spirit, water spirit etc)


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