at the edges of war things

all the writing that’s coming out
(a slow trickle)
hacking away at the edges
of war things
i haven’t gotten a good night of sleep since
i was 23 years old says joolie (which was 15 years ago)
wondering if anyone else has this affliction:
catching scraps of sunset is good
but something feels lost/missed/not taken advantage of
if i can’t move myself into range
to take in the entire view
i say something about shape
and apply it to her life
in the new absence of the dog she took in
fifteen years ago
it’s a transitional shape right now i say
but the future shape is forming
we have two cell phones
that kind of work
that’s just how it is in new mexico
debbie says over the phone
while our connection could be dropped any minute
and we both laugh




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