of a coyotewolf

in the dream:
a glimpse of a coyotewolf
rounding a corner through the bushes

a building on the farm, one room
but with an upstairs
that i forgot was there and members
from a different community taking it
over for a meeting/retreat

an offer of deviled eggs from
a pile in the bowl before they’re taken
to the meeting

some train ticket debacle
(two mornings in a row
not up early enough and
not having packed my bags)
and then i’m pointing out the wild
statice explaining to whoever it is
with me: that flower that grows
already dried
onion slices thin and jittering
on the oiled surface of a teflon pan
several edges brown
it’s the time of no time
michaeal says in between
laundry orientations and
christmas day (which is what he calls
violetta’s computer arriving in the mail)
nobody loves us regina jokes
about the empty mailbox
gopher or prairie dog he says
about my description of the skull
i found in the back field
three months here he says
to regina and violetta and i
you leave changed/a different person
(‘thank goodness’ i joke)
some people change the way
they eat while they’re here
some people change what they’re making
some people reroute the course
they thought they’d be returning to
several thunder rumbles
in the darkening sky though they sound
like they come from
the mountain (north) itself
heavy and resonant

the thing that rises up in me
(most likely called rage
feels like a panther
which is strange to say because
my ribcage has never housed a panther before
but the rage has a spirit/shape)
when regina tells me about
the west memphis three
(three16 or 17 year olds that a cop pointed at and said ‘it was them’  [with lack of any evidence –
there are entire books on this ludicrousness]
and then tried as adults and sentenced to life
each served 18 years until a loophole released them
the state never saying they were wrong/handled the case unprofessionally because
they’d get sued for larger amounts of money than most people can fathom)
process i say i’m so curious about how everyone
does everything
sound of city heights, san diego
in the sky (helicoptering)




from the water world:

A Kurdish woman runs away from a water cannon near the Syrian border after Turkish authorities temporarily closed the border at the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province. – voice of america, day in photos



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