where’d you get your stars

5:38am wakeup
to a sky pricked by stars so silver
i cannot go back to sleep

in the dream
i held the buck’s head in my palm
while he licked foodsnack from the fingers of my other hand
the rest of the pack off in the field
and when the hunter comes near
i call out stay away
which he disobeys and
i tell the buck to go
give him a full body shove and he ambles
not understanding/registering the
endangerment of his situation
i shove and shout and tug his tail
and hit the ground
cover my ears
as the hunter fires
behind me

i wake thinking
of the apprentice of bones
steaming miso sips from a mug in back yard
attempting to identify what looks
like a form of clover covering the ground
sun on arms
visor casting shade on my face
as the dry warm wind sweeps through morning
how perfect it is
that casita #3 dangles windchimes
from its front awning
all of which reminds me of kate
in whose honor i hang
the glass-etched prism
in east facing window

you’ve been a great room-mate
susan esther says
with quotes around room-mate
since we are in a library and not a house
but we’ve shared this space for
an hour and a half
her flipping through the newspaper
me plodding through email catchup
her occasionally asking what time it is
and straining to hear my answer
magnificent sun-wind combo
rippling plum-colored skirt and
skiffing across skin
getting to know this town
by tromping my booted feet
all over it
where’d you get your stars
asks the man who i just hello’ed and who hello’ed back
as he’s taking out the trash asks
i don’t remember twin beds
being so small regina says
stirring honey into her berry tea
we concur that the mfa programs
were good/useful/productive
and destroyed something


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