through streaks of sun

mica laughing on kitchen couch while
reading bits of the newest issue
of the sandhill newspaper
an underwear-sewing marathon
at karma table
pins and thread and
satiny elastic
the rhythm of piecing
trish steps up to the booch bar
for shot-glass samples of
steam rising up
through streaks of sun
as stan lifts the lids off
the pots on the butcher block:
smashed potatoes
sweet corn on the cob
tyler shaking a box of venison helper around
in the whitehouse kitchen
last sunset walk (for a while)
and the agreement about
if i keep my cleats in storage
i have to come back and use them
(and at the end of the night
thinking about missing ultimate
is the thing that kicks me)
emory in his post car-sleep exhaustion
there’s a hole in my pie!!! (in regards to the small piece
trish cut out of it)
cigar box with desert night scene
decoupaged on top
left on an edge of the dresser
please eat this
mica places the final square of
baklava on the table
you know i will i say


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