the light that’s left

blood mucous kitty puke
on front porch
second day in a row
might explain why the
ferocious kitty
isn’t growing ferociously
harper hands me a doughnut
while ashly and i talk on the three steps
in the entryway between
zim’s store and cafe
i wish stray animals could tell us their story
i say from the back seat as we’re about to
turn left onto highway A
they kindof do corinne replies from the
drivers’ seat
(he’s a dog that goes home, she says
based on the way he showed up at
the whitehouse)
corinne and i in karma kitchen
packing an old butter box
with amish paste tomatoes
maybe for marinara
humming i say vibrating
for what my body does
after the cold post-frisbee swim
june hands me two patches
and hand screenprinted
at the edge of the frisbee field
packed back of toyota truck
for post-dinner field tour
iggy a sort of droopy wizard in the
backwards navy snuggie and me
sporting the spongebob snuggie
while we hold the refractometer
up to the light that’s left
june, ellena, mica and i
sinking our teeth into
(i hate to use a common phrase
but what else does one do with baklava?)
the filo dough/honey/pistachio layers
that traveled all the way from toronto
while darien explains asbestos and kevlar
to us via wikipedia


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