compass calibrating

not that it’s a contest but
the arrival of an unexpected parcel
(blue padded envelope)
from south carolina
written in unfamiliar writing
from an unfamiliar address
with a familiar last name
a book and a card thanking me/
sending appreciation for the shreds of
daily poetry
(a book i’ve been wanting to read
even though i never knew it existed
until it arrived)
ranks pretty high on the year’s
mail moments
this is an appreciation right back
for looking in on the overlooked
moments that build a day
bon iver lunch cleanup soundscape
sometimes the music matches the weather
or tone of day
like a final puzzle piece placed
cool enough that we
pull the whitehouse kitchen table
away from the window
and arrange chairs around it
cards that appear
in the four card spread
regarding thinking/doing/avoiding
and the upcoming adventure:
apprentice of bones
the world
four of bones
trish hands me a fabulously oversized
version of the strength card
and i can feel my inner compass
corinne presents me with a
cliff bar snack for the road
and a generous slice of
the best chocolate mousse cake
on the planet that harper selected
for its lightness
we pass shannon around
in phone form
how good this sharedness feels
blood piss mix
harper describes the clouds
we can see from
clearing #1 out along the back road
you know what i mean
best yet i say
of the stuff harper calls cotton candy
and a strip of blue/green (glimpse of sky)
streaked across
corinne calling out from front yard
ringed by flashlight glow
about the dog who showed up
asks about my knowing it
says later i get wary of dogs i don’t know
about how she kneeled down and held
her hand out
but pulled it in when she saw teeth


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