breaking down the mediocrity

althea leaned up against my side
on the porch step
ashby in my lap
both of us petting him while she
gets sad and wistful for her mom
and how i give her space to feel it/
sit with it and also move the conversation along


nice layout! fellow players
cheering me on in the endzone
even though technically
it wasn’t really a layout
it was still an
unexpected catch and dramatic rollover
merited cheer/team spirit

the luxury of leisure swimming
(one sign of our training
reaching its end)


mediocre pizza
but maybe it’s not about the pizza
so much as its about the novelty
of the four of us off-farm
in a booth at a pizza place
on the square in the town
one hour away
trading sips of each others drinks and
breaking down the mediocrity
like a food critic (there needs to be more
contrast i say between the sauce and
the crust)


our server calls emory she
he hears but doesn’t care

in his lavender shirt with
a puppy wearing heart-glitter glasses
and reverse zebra-stripe leggings


tyler’s oversized hoodie sleeves
rolled/bunched up on emory’s arms
as he sits sleepy slouchy in the vinyl booth


unloading the car emory notices
two paper lanterns descending
burnt out, drifting back down
against night sky
for a rooftop landing


you should make a zine i say
about your life in ice cream
like my friend debra made a zine
about her life in hair


the living room
of apartment #3
with its disproportionate
amount of chairs


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