the remaining

plucking grapes (concord and green)
from their stems and sorting
by color first into stainless steel bowls
then 5gallon plastic buckets


a post-meeting naming ritual/ceremony
for ash(by) the kitten
each of us with a crumb/ piece of cheese
in our fingers
offering it to his sharp tiny teeth
while we welcome him to his name


a sample of
joseph’s blackcurrant mead
poured into a clear shot glass


we toss bare corn cobs into the woods
and i spray out the remaining stickiness
from the buckets before loading them up
into the big garden cart and heading


gigi arrives holding a huge watermelon
she plucked from her garden
i ask if i can hug her and the watermelon
and then i do


an edge of cool in the air i say
even though i was sweating out in that sun
and a few leaves falling from the trees


the other day it was sortof evident
today, it was glaring
(the effect of blight on the tomatoes)


sunsets – you are difficult to write
but tonight, it was a metallic orange (copper?)
edging in around strips of cloud
to the west and an orange-pink-gray haze
(that made me think i was pretty sure it was
going to rain) to the south


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