approaches/is upon

fabius!!!! i call out
approaching our
half-way there
turn-around point
(7.5 miles down, 7.5 miles to go)
at the edge of the bridge
that crosses the river under
ridge road


a pronounced wave
(rather than the 1-finger-lift)
from a cement truck driver
while we pass each other
on highway mm


good day for a run says darien
in the porchswing we talk
through the porch screen
him eating something breakfasty
(perhaps melon)
me hanging onto front step railing
while i stretch my legs


i apologize to anyone who
sits near me for the perfumeness
(also known as the mistake of
using conditioner that
a visitor left behind)

snot-rocketing i say
and mica admires
the verbness


imposter syndrome i say
while quartering the
amish paste tomatoes
talking about how i
don’t give myself enough credit sometimes
(example: dismissing the breast stroke
as not a real stroke
and therefore the 40 minute swim
i did the other day doesn’t count)
not in a way that defines me
but also not in a way that is contained
i consider writing a list


lights flickering in karma kitchen
amidst the steam of giant pots
of tomatoes cooking down and
the hum of the fan pulling air through
as the storm approaches/is upon us
me slicing away (coring and quartering)
while mica separates tomato from juice
and lifts quart jars in and out of
the hot water bath


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