let’s stay

elena exclaims about wet socks/shoes
on the field but also
hucks a damn fine huck and
while we line up for the next
point to start she says how much
she loves this game
how many different places/circumstances
she’s played in
face beaming


what the storm coming in looked like:
a gray shelf in the sky
a swath
black as clouds can get
with a line/burst of light underneath
mica and i confer
about whether or not we should
get out of the water
abandoning our 40 minute swim
let’s stay i say


two dollar zip loc of
yogurt covered pretzels
in my backpack


joseph in red tshirt and
thin black suspenders
on his way
south and east


alyssa and i hug like
we’ve known each other since
middle school
like we’ve been through something
and, collectively, we have
onion slices coming apart on
the butcher block

pictionary on the front porch in
lamplight some of the words played
pillow case


let’s start early tomorrow
mica suggests
a tactic for avoiding traffic
which is not a bad thing to do
considering we pedal on county highways
(speed limit 60)
that like to throw in a curve now and then
decorated by yellow signs with an arrow
in the shape of said curves
with a 40mph speed limit noted
which not all drivers comply with


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