awake at 5:30
running shoes on at 6:25
starting slow i drop down
into creekside treeline
and when i rise back up
striding to the top of the first
gentle roll (flanked by corn)
the sun, an orange orb,
lifting off the horizon
both of us in just the right
place so that we shine
on each other


upon return (after 50 minutes
of me propelling myself forward)
the glisten of my chest


funny song emory hints
starts with an ‘i’
turns out to be this:
i got 20 dollars in my pocket


the sunset sky (pink cloud pulled apart
across clearblue)
and the colors it turns people’s faces
and how several of us can’t help
but look up to take it all in


hatchback city tyler says
as we arrive under a
pink-swath sky regarding
alyssa’s and zoe’s hatch-
backs parked in the drive


we’ll remind each other
what our bodies can do
lines like this, potato chips
and if there was a bag nearby
i’d eat until nary a greasy crumb remains


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