like ropes like poles

eli’s arms wrapped around
while we walk in the sideyard
like participants in a three legged race
what if you just stayed here
and we walked around like this all day
i joke and he says ok
we used to call him monkey
because of how he would climb up people
like ropes like poles


the tomato weight
(six 5-gallon buckets of them)
behind me
(where grass turns to gravel
the motion requires less effort)


tyler with a vita coco in his hand
says look what i found in memphis

warmer than bathwater
mica and i agree
about our 10 minutes of
light activity
which means we stay near the surface
on a 97.7 degree day)
which means we are sweating
once we step out


we cheer from the front porch
through the screens
heyyyyyyy! welcome home!!!
as the jet family arrives
along with hazel
who i know only from a story
about how ultimate frisbee
broke his jaw
and he had to eat liquid food
for weeks
while it healed


3 liquid gallons strapped to my back
while i walk up-down the brassicas
after dusk (the edges of clouds renaissance-lit)
swatting at the high-pitch whine near my ears
with the sprayer in my hand
aimed at the plants


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