as if the sun asked

6something a.m.
i wake to an entire sky of
pink/orange glow
(as if the sun asked the clouds
to carry its light for a while
unshouldering the weight of shine
and spreading it across sky so that no
cloud had to take on too much)
how this pinkorange light was
and how through the tangle of leaves and trees
outside my window i could make out
the shine/the color-concentrate
somewhere along an indiscernable
(due to foliage) horizon


6:49 am
several flashes of lightning and a few
low rumbles of thunder
it’s moving along south of us mica explains
of what she saw on the radar
we’re both in our running clothes
she says let’s run

and so we do
she heads south and i north
and even though my side is in a stitch
i’m grateful for the view
of lightning
veining down
grateful for little intervals of rain on
my skin
grateful for the running
that brings me out
to where treeline gives way to sky
under its incoming/passing by storm


on the couch hannah teaches us
what she was taught
(by a doctor/therapist after her
barn fall) about breathing:
shoulders down for inbreath
shoulders up for outbreath


you know what today is a good day for
i say/ask with raised eyebrows after lunch
in the humid and rising heat
ice cream
hannah suggests riding bikes
we gotta work for it (rural missouri hills) she says


pint jar on dresser
half-filled with
chai-spiced kombucha


sweet cinnamon smell filling kitchen
while i swig water and
scrub the burnt bottom of the chili pot


i just ignore the lines
i tell tyler who assesses the wide-rule
of the sidewalk score 25cent notebooks


names of the wildflowers in a mini queenline jar:
partridge pea
blazing star
queen anee’s lace
slender mountain mint


while i prune and harvest kale
while i pour a sip of kombucha
while i take photos of my handwriting in the sideyard
while i drag a foxtail stalk around on the ground
for the kitty to play with
while i run out and back along the gravel in 37 and 1/2 minutes
while i sit down to dinner with my farm-mates
the national guard pours in
three highway patrolmen wrestle one man to the ground
for an arrest (one holds his knee against the man’s head
which is on the ground)
riot-geared cops train guns on crowds of people
a friend of a friend lies in intensive care with a
bullet lodged in his lung or heart (they can’t tell)
the heat is stoked
this is for every city that should have been on fire
for every young person of color or ‘crazy’ person or
‘less-than-a-person’ person (any trait/quality can be spun this way)
killed or injured by cops, soldiers or any other person in a position of power

from the water world:

A boy rows a makeshift raft carrying a child through the flooded areas of Lakhimpur district in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. – voice of america, day in photos

USA’s C. J. Hobgood rides a wave during the 14th edition of the Billabong Pro Tahiti surf event, part of the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) world tour, in Teahupoo, on the French Polynesian island Tahiti
.  – voice of america, day in photos

Indian villagers use a bamboo structure to traverse floodwater in a village in Morigaon district of northeastern Assam state, India. The death toll from three days of flooding and torrential rain in Nepal and India rose to more than 180 people as relief teams sent food, tents and medicine to prevent any outbreaks of disease.
Picture: AP Photo/Press Trust of India



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