bell tower bells

when i reach the turn-around point
where highway MM meets 136
bell tower bells
ring out into 8am air
(marking 1o miles down
and 10 miles to go)


a point where
the view opens up
and to the west there is a
great expanse of green
stretching out beyond the fence
and dotted with horses swishing their tales


fabius!!! i call out to
the stretch of muddy/brown water
on both sides of me as i
pedal over the fabius river
on the way back


dinner playlist:
cinematic orchestra
bruce springsteen
cocteau twins

dinner menu:
cucumber raita
veggie masala and
garbanzos and
tyler’s tomato apple chutney
pecan crumcake muffins for dessert
plus slices of a pike melon


from the water world:

Festival-goers are splashed with water during a summer festival at Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine in downtown Tokyo, Japan.
– voice of america, day in photos

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