slanting habit

a sunrise i know is good
5:40 am
(the light through the trees told me
pinking and goldish)


pike melon
cold and dripping
in my fingers
(first breakfast)


the rhythm:
hula-hoe tiny weeds from the beds
cover with hay mulch
measure and make nest-holes in mulch
(24 inches apart in staggerd rows)
dig to make a hole in the earth of the nest hole
place fall cabbage starts in
cover up to the base of the first leaves
press into earth with palms


tyler laughing outloud
at the image of
a protestor and a cop
smiling for a selfie
in ferguson
later in north garden
we talk about media
and its habit of slanting


first, flies
a swarm on the ground
underneneath: snake (big for here)
twisted in black plastic netting (grape protector)
blue with decomposition
eyes wide open
tail severed from the rest of its body
rib bones thin like a fish’s
exposed from ripped away flesh

heat radiating
from rows of quart jars
lined up on karma kitchen counter
just-processed tomato juice inside
as i walk past them
like the heat that brick holds
and slowly releases
at the end of a hot dry day
as the air begins to cool

how the processing kitchen hours
(standing, chopping, stirring
big pots
hum of fan in the window)
feels more like work
than the field work
the difference maybe being
the sky

laughing at the end of
one round of line picture line

on the front porch
at the end of a day of
slow steady rain
(wherein northeast missouri becomes
pacific northwestern
for the summer season)

i offer sips of milky sweet mint tea
the kind that chane taught me


we arrange/agree
if it’s raining at 7
we won’t run in the morning then


from the water world:

An Iraqi Yazidi boy refreshes himself with water at the Newroz refugee camp in Hasaka province, north-eastern Syria, after fleeing Islamic State fighters. – bbc, day in pictures

A man takes pictures as visitors run away from a wave caused by a tidal bore which surged past a barrier on the banks of Qiantang River, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Picture: REUTERS




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