build me a propellor

at 50 minutes
i tell mica
in our training report-back session
is when i started feeling really good
(regarding the sound of clyde’s wheels
on varying blacktop
climbing hills and descending across one-lane bridges
and leaning into the country curves
for our 15 mile morning ride
a third visit to the fabius river)

how the sky changed between
7 and 8 a.m.
haze cleared
and though this land isn’t mine
there is something about seeing it
at 7am
before it has taken the day’s shape


we build knex propellors
that look like ferris wheels

and tack on as many as we can
and with each one
emory announces to mama
and papa
nad mica
and robin
to come look


playdoh pretend:
emroy as shopkeeper
(hold on,
i have to make you some money
so you can buy things at my store
he says as he smashes the doh flat
into coins and bills)
and my play doh flat character as patron
who buys a hat
(so big and of so many colors
my play doh human cannot stand up)
several books (flat pages with
a leash
do you accept bubble gum money
my character asks
while i flatten the doh into
sticks of strawberry
strawberry watermelon
coffee gum

we pause to look and listen
at the bread dough
in the stainless steel bowl
like lava
a sort of snap crackle pop


just so you know
there’s a play-doh art show
on the dining room table
if you’d like to visit it
i inform the regulars and
our guests
at lunch


round haybale steamrolled
one quarter, the good corner, of the broccoli bed
i put all my weight
behind the clumsy gigantic thing
and lift it off the ground
but curse my inability to move it anywhere
body pressed against
mold and rot


i’ve been thankful for
the broccoli this year
tyler says across the bench table from me
cistern instructions in his lap
after having so little
last summer


kitten ribcage
stretched across mine
(tiny bones
belonging to a fierce striped kitten
that loves as hard as he fights)
small ribs risefalling at four times
the rate of mine
while we fade in and out of sleep
on a screened porch couch


i make a map
to orient myself
to the future of
high desert and adobe


super moon obscured but
edges of cloud


from the water world:
Spectators watch as a diver Sali Riza Grancina, winner of the competition, performs the winning jump from the Ura e Shenjte bridge during the traditional annual high diving competition, near the town of Gjakova, 100 km south of the Kosovo capital Pristina. A total of 27 divers from Kosovo competed, diving from the 22-meter-high bridge into the Drini i Bardhe River
. – voice of america, day in photos

Young Hindu priests take a holy bath together as part of a ritual at the Janai Purnima Festival (Sacred Thread Festival) on the premises of Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.
– voice of america, day in photo

an apology on
karma couch that
comes out more like a
fuck you
small and pointed


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