what the warm light gives

it was grabbing at my shoes
i report to mica
about the mud on underpass road
from our 20 minute morning run
where besides that, nothing seemed remarkable
which doesn’t mean it wasn’t
it just means i wasn’t looking/seeing


moving up and down
the trellised rows
under a still-gray but not raining sky
i come away with
two buckets
(one full and one 3/4 full)
of things i really love:


manuevering a pitchfork
through the bales of bad hay
(bad as in cheap from our neighbors
and perfect for garden mulch)
sometimes a tangle with baling twine
sometimes whole plants wrapped in the roll
covering future fall cabbage beds
with thick (possibly too thick) mulch
for making nests in when it’s time to  plant

cat TV in full effect
from the screened in porch viewing
at lunchtime
the dog chases the kitten up the tree
to the cat-perch feeding spot
where the kitten lands
in turn startles the cat who was already there
who then climbs down the log
leaned up against the tree
which makes foodbowl access safe (from
hungry dogs and excitable cats)


this batch of kombucha flavors:
strawberry blackberry ginger
black currant black raspberry ginger
honey gingerstrawberry gooseberry ginger
blackberry strawberry


mica and i laugh
about an upside down stop sign
where woehrle road
meets M
at a 90 degree curve
while she wonders of water hemp is the weed
sprouting in the neighbors’ corn
and i watch the sideview
to get another glimpse of that sunset


emory howling on la casa back porch
regarding what might be
a broken big toe


i thought we had one of those things already
regarding the supermoon(tomorrow night)

the ache that rolls in
upon seeing twins onstage
(for my own twin, born one year
and eleven months before me)


a sea of kids
lounge-leaning into parents
(on bean bags and couch cushions)
half shadow half what the warm light gives


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