mowing the lawn

seven a.m. we pedal 5 miles south to the fabius
and back on highway M
drizzle sometimes more
landing on our limbs
while we duck heads
on our wasy down the rolling hills
and pedal hard on our ways up
at one point i look over to a field of
queen anne’s lace
rain-drenched and deep green
(lined by chicory)
that i didn’t notice it on the way out
and the fact that it isn’t gmo corn or soy
makes it that much more striking

then we tack on 15 minutes of running
after that
mica and i high five while we cross paths
on the back road (different paces)

the whole time the rain
is light enough
and the sky gray/cool enough
that rather than feel exhausted
or lacking momentum
i work on my form and feel
energized/focused on the downhills and
sometimes the uphills too


shoulda worn a bright shirt
mica says in retrospect
in reference to the traffic
and the shoulderless highway
and not fog but
certainly drizzle-impaired driver’s sight


rare here
how i describe
an all day rain
(in a place where it often
comes in the form of one storm
that clearly enters and exits)

a letter writing kind of day
a baking day
a feels-like-the-pacific-northwest
(home. comfort. rooted.)
kind of day


if you want your cookies to look good like mine
the recipe says
press the mini m&m’s onto the tops of them
before you put them in the oven to bake


trish with a still-warm monster cookie in her hand
on the kitchen couch
says you’ve done it again, frank


think i need to wear a respirator
i say about my loft writing perch
where i inhale mouse piss/poop
soaked into the layer of wall
(perhaps ceiling too)
behind the paneling


rachel and i draw
faces on each other
on google chat
(mustaches, curliques, etc)
each of us laughing ridiculously
in our own time zones
until we are both
concealed by scribbles


i mention process poets
(something i made up
but don’t doubt exists:
poets in it for the prcoess itself
not caring about the final product
poets who don’t think the point is
publishing but rather
all the different ways they can make a poem)
and say i’m a process athlete


from democracy now on the isreal-palestine conflict:

close to 1900 palestinians were killed
during the 29 day offensive
including at least 1354 civillians of whom 415 are children
more than 10,000 people have been injured
there are 373,000 children who require psychological support
half a million palestinians have been displaced with
at least 187,000 still living in u.n. emergency shelters
10, 000 home shave been completely destroyed,
30,000 homes partially wrecked
meanwhile, 64 israeli soldiers were killed in gaza
and 3 civillians in isreal

these were homes they were told to leave
in leaflets that were dropped by the israeli army

catastrophic human displacement crisis
which is now a homelessness crisis

There is ample evidence that the water system has been hit. You may remember back in the early days of the conflict there were three or four workers from the public water works who got killed in the field, and they then refused to go out. And who can blame them, frankly? And so, there were no repairs done. So, for the last month, where the water system has been hit, it just hasn’t been patched up. So, already a water system where 95 percent of the water in Gaza is undrinkable—I mean, I’ve been there many times; you turn on a tap, and salt water comes out. So, 95 percent of water undrinkable. Sewage—millions of liters of sewage flow into the sea every day. And by the way, it flows north towards Israel, another example of why good neighborliness would be a good idea. But, you know, water and electricity, public utilities, are decimated. And we don’t even know yet, until we’ve been out and surveyed, quite what the extent of the damage has been.

mowing the lawn noam chomsky calls what israel does now and then to palestinians in gaza in quotes
and also: First of all, the United Nations, every country in the world, even the United States, regards Israel as the occupying power in Gaza—for a very simple reason: They control everything there. They control the borders, the land, sea, air. They determine what goes into Gaza, what comes out. They determine how many calories Gazan children need to stay alive, but not to flourish. That’s occupation. Under international law.



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