lifting off the land

5 miles out
5 miles back
the best part: rolling over the fabius river bridge
where the swallows swoop in circles
up and around me
follow me for half a mile or so
in morning formations
the next best part: fog settled in pockets
and lifting off the land


pedaling and moving through smells
the whir of huge fans at the barn in the dairy
doesn’t take away
what smells like blood


emory and i drawing
hot air balloons while singing
to sly and the family stone
thank you for letting me
be myself again
how we agree that we both like the line
mama’s so happy
mama starts to cry
but rewrite it to:
mama’s so happy
mama almost starts to cry


paper wasp sting
left hip/waist
simply because i stood near the nest
in the hoop house
filling the watering can
at the 55 gallon barrel


rolling sushi at the butcher block
music rotation includes:
gnarls barkley
siousxie and the banshees


how do you feel about joanna newsom i ask tyler
and then hit play
humming/singing along
your skin is something that i stir into my tea
while i clean up from dinner and
tyler mixes flourless almond/peanut butter cookie dough
in a big metal bowl


sky signaling
(with pink/purple/cloud edges and light)
me on a walk along the back road


in the porch christmas light cast
kitty without a name yet
sprawled on my ribcage
while i read the intro to
home girls; a black feminist anthology

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