i was dragging my ass all over that field
for the first half of the game
i tell tyler
so was i he replies


we weren’t sure about the kitten
laughed how it might take hours to decide
but it was pretty clear to me
when we walked in and he was sitting
in that little cubby hole


in the kitchen or elsewhere
is a kind
of violence


emory’s howls
echoing out from the front porch
when we all thought the kitten had disappeared
only to discover
the kitten was in its hiding place
(in the corner on the window ledge tuckd in
next to the fire extinguisher and 5 gallon bucket)


more than halfway through
2o minutes of swim
(in a pond where the algae and other floating mysteries
seem to attack today)
a great blue heron overhead
swift and casting an impressive shadow
lands at the edge of the pond
where we eye each other
(or, i’m eyeing it, at least
with wonder)
for a minute if not two
(long enough for me to decide
to lift my goggles up
so i can really see)

upon telling mica
i say
must be my sporty spirit animal
what’s yours


a small haul
(half a 3 gallon bucket)
but big enough to say
that tomato season
has officially begun


stan and i scout locations
in my room
for the best places
to put the peanut buttered
mouse traps
while we consider
how sleep might go tonight


what if we called him stripey
emory asks (regarding the kitten)
well, we could think up a bunch of names
and that one would be ok
(ok as in: we could come up with better)


kwik crete grout
trish says
with a k and a w
after i tell her i like her colors
in response to yesterday’s
‘what the hell is that stuff called’
(thanks trish!)


joseph and i
sample the fizzy second-fermentation
booch varieties
(strawberry peach ginger)
that is the closest to g.t.’s
i’ve ever made


madix simultaneously wanting
to hold the kitty and
not wanting the kitty
to chase him
and how he howls
with laughter
at emory
who’s being/doing his emory thing
swinging and singshouting on the hammock swing
hanging from the juniper branch
in the front yard


arriving not long before
the sky becomes stars
reunioning on the front porch



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