squiggled up

thunder/lightning/gray sky morning
clouds and their edges floating past
out panorama-shaped loft window
is what draws me out of bed


something like purslane
but not quite
tugs out of the ground in one flat piece
and i wear it on my head
darien says it looks circa flapper style
emory and trish and joe try it on
reminds me of vita kitchen days
wearing an outside leaf of a cabbage
(purple or green)
as hat/hairpiece


my hand (half inside, half outside)
under the mini waterfall
where rain rolls off the hoop house plastic
where we are obliterating the weeds
which is  a good place
to do such a thing on a thunderstormy morning

without doors on the structure
and the sides rolled down
we are in the rain without really being
in the rain
lightning flashing over us
visible through plastic ceiling


green stripe (lime)
and redorange stripes
of green/gray/black garter snake
squiggled up under a scrap of black plastic
in the hoop house
(google tells me
after i search garter snake red stripe green stripe
and look through images
that it is a western plains garter snake)
and this is what the impressive creature looked like:


three pieces of blue paper
front and back
folded and addressed
to new orleans


like madelines trish and joe say
of trish’s mom’s sugar cookie recipe


i stand corrected
it’s kama:
not comma:
but i like thinking of slicing up weeds
with a piece of punctuation anyway


triathalon training calendar
(three month)
(three pages)
on the couch in upstairs karma


from the water world:

A herd of goats graze at the almost dried out Maria Cristina reservoir near Castellon. Spain’s southeast is suffering the worst drought after the driest winter in 150 years.– voice of america, day in photos

Daniel Gallegos drinks water while the temperature remains in the triple digits in Las Vegas. Gallegos says he drinks two gallons of water a day to stay cool in the furry costume.
Picture: AP Photo/John Locher – telegraph

People use a plastic sheet to protect themselves from strong wind and heavy rainfall as Typhoon Matmo hits Hefei, China.
– bbc, day in photographs


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