because we’ve been connected

a goodbye hug on mainstreet
(one of us still unclothed from the pond)
which is kindof not a big deal
because we’ve been connected already for 14 years
the majority of which has been between mid and west coast via mail
but also kindof is (a big deal)


once again, frisbee has made
broken-feeling things in my body
feel good again i say
heading to the line
to pin my field-sweated clothes to it


i’m going to be your person this morning
i tell emory and simon
while we walk up whitehouse stairs


splash sounds
in the pond
(various contests
simon and emory counting down)
while i tie yellow baling twine
to Tposts
and weave it down the row
while the tomato tar marks me
(forearms, fingers, hands)


emory wearing a shirt
we might all be envious of
(lavender colored
with a black/white photo of a dog
wearing shiny heart shaped sunglasses
and a million hearts in different bright colors
bursting forth
in all directions)


a name for that thing a first child never gets over
(the readjusting to the usurping of mama’s attention
by a newborn)


pan of blondies
balanced on
porch table
which is really a bench


secret ballot is the name of the parlor game
wherein people write questions on pieces of paper
and someone reads them to the group aloud
(they are yes/no questions)
and then the secret ballot box
is passed around
and a black bean is dropped in for yes
or a white bean is dropped in for no
the box itself (in this case, a scotch tape roll box)
is concealing
so no one can tell what color bean you dropped in
the rules: there is no discussion/votes remain anonymous


from the water world:

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama (C) and the Partnership for a Healthier America show a giant “Drink Up” logo, as part of the “Drink Up” campaign aimed at encouraging people to drink more water, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington.
– voice of america, day in photos

A Tokyo DisneySea cast member (L) sprays a bucketful of water towards guests during a special summer attraction called “Minnie’s Tropical Splash” at Tokyo DisneySea in Urayasu. – voice of america, day in photos


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