into an edge of coolness

what appears to be a loon tattoo
(part of this assumption i attribute to the shape
and part of this assumption i attribute to the geographical origins
of the tattoo bearer)
on matt’s upper arm


a letter from myself from a little over a year ago
read in the hammock
bits of desert creek sycamore
falling out of the pages


comma tutorial in the woodshop
fine and coarse wet stones
plus a demo with the tall grass weeds
around the concrete stacks outside


harvesting split cabbage with
the orange handled knife
during that cusp part of the day
where the heat should be cresting over
into an edge of coolness


something about giving my frosting to emory
how fun it is to share the sweetness
but also in retrospect how cruel it seems
(two fluffy handfuls of sugarsweet)


the appearance of a
freddie mercury apparition
people in the streets
people in the streets
a doily interruption of
a ridiculous farewell puppet show
considering worst-case scenarios

pickling smells filling karma kitchen
and spilling over into woodshop and


bush katydid mica says
when i ask her if she can identify
the high pitched/loud/grating insect sound
outside my window


from the water world:

Indian youth Barkat Ali uses a makeshift raft to paddle through the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad.  – voice of america, day in photos

BDE1E78D-C7E0-4203-9B93-D393E430F4D8_w974_n_s_sHindu devotees bathe in the Bagmati River on their way to the Pashupatinath Temple to offer prayers to Lord Shiva, Hindu god of destruction during Shravan festivities in Sundarijal, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Sri Lanka. – voice of america, day in photos


Watering hole: A restaurant has set up tables and chairs in the middle of a river in Chongqing, China as a way to beat the summer heat.
Picture: Imaginechina/REX – telegraph

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 10.57.20 AM
People dive into the Mediterranean Sea on a hot summer’s day in Nice, southern France. Temperatures reached up to 28 degrees Celcius.
Picture: EPA/SEBASTIEN NOGIER – telegraph

Thirteen people were killed and four remain missing after Typhoon Rammasun made landfall in northern Vietnam, authorities said, as the toll from the storm’s passage in China rose to 26. Vietnam lost an estimated 28 trillion dong (1.3 billion US dollar), equivalent to one percent of gross domestic product, due to natural disasters in 2013, the government said.
Picture: EPA – telegraph


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