rain as in thunderstorm

balancing on one bare foot
in the brassicas
where i pet wizard
(who is lounging and sprawled out on the beds
belly up
and occasionally batting at a collard stem)
with the other


wish i was a nomad, indian or a saint
i hum/sing in the collards
aware of the faux-pas-ness of
a lyric about wishing to be an indian
but unsure of what to change it into
everywhere i turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me


mica rigs a temporary handle
with zebra-striped duct tape
on karma’s front door and we laugh
when i fumble
for the usual handle that isn’t there


live music at the pond as we approach
sounds a little beirutish
mica, i call from the water, you know how frisbee
is one of your favorite things?
one of my most favorite things is
the feeling of taking my clothes off after frisbee
and jumping into the pond


you grow all your own vegetables here
mae asks, sitting with us at dinner on the porch
that’s so cool


trish returns from fairfield
with requested treat
and when the choice is between
two bars of chocolate:
almond sea salt and
sea salt lime creme
one can’t go wrong
we pass them around
but save some for later


rain as in thunderstorm i ask robin
in the south garden before dusk
or rain as in rain


on our post-dinner garden walk
down in the look-far fields
i look up into the apple trees
surprised (delighted)
to see ornaments of red
woven in
i pluck and crunch into
the sweetness


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