sugar shimmer

ya’ll look good this morning
i call out to the bikers
lined up on main street
while i hold up the camera
wearing rachel’s crocheted pants
as a special sendoff


adriana on the common
house couch piled in and
around by a crows of kids
while she reads from the pages
of an unknown book
but a badass female protagonist
is identifiable


sun on shoulders in
courtyard shredding white
fabric into scraps blank
for the sharpie-marker writing


i tie hemp yarn/twine to
young branches hanging
bits of poetry along
the pond path
phrases twisting in wind

the stars require
so little work one says


karen leans in for a
back-of-neck photo
then shows it to me
(layering of color and
tendrils in various stages
of tendriling)


stepping into the mercantile
i can smell the just-sliced
cucumbers thin and perfect
on the counter


alline’s jam-stuffed muffins
the shimmer of sugar on the
baked surface


kristen after a telling of
the cool waters of the cheyenne river
at the cheyenne river rservation
sings the river song
which somehow coincides
with that one mantra
(i am free)

and then the pete seeger sing along song
whose chorus goes: peace be with you today
and forever more


A man bathes in the waters of a tube well in the morning at Salamatpur village in the northern Indian state of Punjab.
– voice of america, day in photos

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 3.07.36 PM
Australian marine workers struggle to rescue a humpback baby whale beached at Palm Beach on Queensland’s Gold Coast. – bbc, day in pictures



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